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Synergy Dance Zone

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DVIDA Medals Preparation Classes
@ Synergy Dance Zone

Now you can follow your dance
Bronze through Gold over a year!

4 Month Series
6:30 Bronze International Cha-Cha
7:15 Silver International Tango
8:00 Gold American East Coast Swing

Are you looking to take your dancing to the Next Level?

Are you interested in making your technique tight and the dancing HOT!

That is Exactly what the DVIDA Student Medals Program is all about!  This program gives you the right goals to get you focused.  It will encourage you to train better and smarter giving you the tools to build up your dance ability!  In the end you become certified in each dance by the most widely accepted dance syllabus in the world!

You will learn each step in the syllabus, including the amount of turn, timing, footwork, foot positions, CBM, and more for both the leaders and the followers parts. Routines will be taught that help you practice all of the steps in the syllabus in a flowing manner. This class is intended for those that have danced before and are looking to take it to the next level. Each Style of dance will go on for about 3 to 6 months with the intent to prepare for the medals exam.  Then the class will switch to another dance or another style of dance (Rhythm, Smooth, Latin, Standard).
Synergy Dance Zone
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